Since its inception in 1998  CKK has been Auckland's first stylish, sensual & erotic
Loungebar  Club with international flair, entertaining sophisticated couples and women.
Note: a 'couple' is defined as 1 female & 1 male. Single/un-escorted men are not admitted. 

Located in an historic building right in the middle of Auckland City, CKK brings an exclusive 
boutique club atmosphere to the Southern hemisphere.

Whether you dream about a romantic cocktail-hour for two at our intimate bar or
you fancy an  exciting night of  pure eroticism and passion to live out your fantasies
the choice is entirely yours.

Pssst... We are so discreet that we can't tell you more, and you will have to find out for yourself.

Please note: If you are easily offended, we respectfully recommend not visiting.


CKK proudly features classics and the freshest 
tunes in House, Latin, Lounge & Jazz collected 
from the centres of cultured nightlife in London, 
Paris, Berlin, the Mediterranean, NY City and LA.


CKK strives to provide a safe, private and discreet environment and expects guests
to demonstrate a cosmopolitan, openminded attitude and an intelligent, respectful
approach towards each other.

First time guests will be personally introduced to the club and its rules.

A strict embargo on ALL phones, cameras, recording devices & illegal drugs is enforced!
All equipment will be safe-kept at the reception; in 'on-call' cases phones
will  be held behind the bar to enable 'response' (with special management permission).
Any breach results in immediate, permanent confiscation & eviction; 
any unauthorized reporting in the media (incl. print, tv, radio and internet) will have 
legal consequences.

CKK have always been avantgarde and never followers. (no charts, no cheese - just intelligent, funky sounds)
-R. Smith, International Lifestyle & Interior Design-
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